Canadian Culinary Delights!

We had fun eating a few of these yummy snacks during the Canada Day long weekend.

Can't wait to enjoy a Beaver Tail when I gallivant to Ottawa soon.🍁🍴

Have you tried any of these? Wait! There doesn't seem to be bacon on this list.

Bringing Home The Bacon

Peameal bacon, often called Canadian bacon, actually hails from Toronto in the late 1800s. It was an invention of William Davies and his meat company, meant to preserve pork for export. At first, it was rolled into ground peas, which gave it the name "peameal"; later, cornmeal was used. Essentially, it was cured pork loin— that eventually became an instantly recognizable Canadian favourite. Really, peameal bacon and Canadian bacon are not the same thing, yet they both originate from the meat-packing industry of Toronto and are part of the Canadian culinary landscape.

Wrap your feet in the smoky aroma of crispy bacon! Now that it's summer, let your feet sizzle even more. These unisex socks are a novelty gift, and they're the ultimate must-have for those who worship the almighty bacon strip. Get ready to pork up your sock drawer with a sizzling sense of humour! 🥓🧦




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