Father’s Day Gifts

“One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.” –George Herbert

Father’s Day falls on June 16th. Your Father, Dad, Pop, Papa what ever you call him is a one-of-a-kind, special fella. Even though you should celebrate him everyday, it is time to spoil him a tad more on that special day, Father’s Day so children of the world start your planning engines!

Are you looking for Father’s Day Gifts that are fun and memorable for Dad on his special day? We have some unique Father’s Day Gifts at Danna Bananas for Father’s Day on June 16, 2019.

Your Father rules and deserves royal father’s day gifts, don’t you think? Make him look as special as he feels on his big day. This regal King for the Day Inflatable Crown spotlights him out as a person of importance – whether it’s Father’s Day or his birthday.

King for the Day Inflatable Crown

King for the Day Inflatable Crown for Father's Day


Mmm Beer”…a liquid worth wearing too! Calling all beer and sock lovers! Just don’t drink beer but wear them too! A frothy pair of Ale Beer Socks come in a tin that look like a can of beer will make dad excitedly thirsty so. Cheers to Dad! 

Ale Beer Socks

Beer Socks for Father's Day


Pizza, Spaghetti, Pasta,  Lasagna, Bruschetta, oh my! Cook Italian style with the Pasta Grande Silicone Kitchen Tools! An ideal Father’s Day foodie gift for the Daddy, pasta lover. Can’t you just smell that aroma? Fill your kitchen with flavours by cooking with this exquisite set!

Pasta Grande Silicone Kitchen Tools

Pasta Grande Silicone Kitchen Tools for Father's Day


“Well, it’s one for the money…Two for the show…Three to get ready…Now go, cat, go!” Daddy wants to kick-start his morning with the king, that is the the king of rock ‘n’ roll! Add a hot beverage to the Elvis Coffee Mug and watch Elvis transform from ‘Viva Las Vegas’ to Memphis!




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