Father’s Day gift ideas to celebrate the music lover in your life

Musical Gifts for Father’s Day

For #MusicMonday, check out out our plethora of musical, unique gifts for Father’s Day. Father's Day Gifts that are not only musically inclined but playful as well.

With Father’s Day just around the corner, some of us are still struggling to find that perfect gift. Time is ticking, so for all those music-loving dads out there, we’ve compiled a list of gifts that will rock your dad's world! 

The Beatles Yellow Submarine Magnetic Play Set

Your fridge needs a little help. The Yellow Submarine Magnets are perfect for your Beatles loving dad. 

Beatles Magnets

Desktop Drum Set

Drumroll, Please:

For all the drummer dads out there. Whether your dad likes to play or just an avid fan of the instrument, this Desktop Drum Set is ideal for the office rock-star. These drums are not only small but portable. Perfect to get you through the humdrum of a day!

Music Mixdeck

Being a DJ means being in control of the music scene...kinda like being a dad. The only difference is dad is co-piloting with another leader of the pack.

This record player lets you create music by scratching up some beats with the choice of six different genres.

Record Placements

If you’re looking to get creative/culinary with your music-themed gift, then you should think about grabbing these Record Placemats. While these vinyl records won't actually play, they will function perfectly as dinner placemats.


Elvis Timeless Mug

Is your dad a coffee lover and an Elvis lover? If so, this mug is ideal! Prefer young Elvis or superstar Elvis? Have them both. Add a hot beverage and he goes from Vegas to Memphis, thanks to clever heat-sensitive changing mug.

Giant Music Snob Men's Crew Socks

So your dad likes to remind you again and again how their era of music was way better than yours, right? Capitalize on that constant reminder by giving him a pair of socks that reads, “Giant Music Snob".

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