Back to School Traditions For An Unconventional School Year

Back to School Traditions For An Unconventional School Year

If there’s one year to get the kids excited about back-to-school, this is the one…

There’s no denying that back-to-school 2020 will be unconventional. Heading back to the classroom can be totally nerve-racking for some kids in the best of times. Add to that new rules, face masks, hand sanitizer, and socially distanced recesses and lunches — and there’s no question that your child and even the family will experience some anxiety this Fall.

We know your school year will be different: whether that’s in-person, distance learning or hybrid, but … school will start one way or another. Help your kids get in the headspace of a new school year with one of these back-to-school traditions that will make the beginning of the year feel special, no matter what the school year holds.

Here are fun things you can do to keep back-to-school on a high note…

▪ Start a back-to-school countdown leading up to school and do something fun each day to help prepare for school (getting new clothes organized, back to school shopping, pick up a fun backpack, a cool lunchbox and a matching drinking bottle.)

▪ Create a special designated back-to-school space at home (for at-home learning or doing homework).

▪ Read fun back-to-school books together.

▪ Make these adorable back-to-school crafts to get kids excited about back-to-school.

▪ Make fun back to school themed treats together.

▪ Celebrate School Year’s Eve with a special dinner with the family.

▪ Make a special first day back to school goody bag with a few special treats. Or offer the gift of a new book, for your bookworm.

▪ Take fun photos to commemorate the first day. Yes, even in September 2020. Or, have them draw a self-portrait.

▪ Have the kids create a fun vision board or a bucket list with all their aspirations and goals for this coming school year.

▪ Make a homemade gift or card for your new teacher.

▪ Get special and personalized back-to-school labels to identify all your kids’ belongings. Your child can have fun sticking them on all their gear.

▪ Make a special breakfast on the first day of school.

▪ Pack a special school lunch and enclose a fun note.

▪ Schedule a fun after-school activity on the first day… go for an ice-cream or get a special treat.

We wish all the kiddos a happy and safe return back to school.


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