Back to School must haves

Back to School must haves!

Ready, Set, New School Year! You know this time of year, right? Well, we thought we did. It’s that time of year to make the grade but this year we need to adapt to new changes this pandemic as brought upon all of us. This is a year Like No Other. We are transitioning with New Needs and New Ways.

This year is a whole new level of planning, regrouping, and worry as kids head back to school and we all get back to some sort of routine. For some, things won’t change much, but for others there will be a tonne of stress and concern on everyone’s shoulders.

Uncertainty is at a new level of unknown with what could, might, possibly happen as kids in Canada head back to school. If you’re in other countries reading this, your kids might already be there or started a week or two ago.

Fear of the unknown is often worse than reality and I sure hope that to be true this year.

With all the change coming, we want to support you by researching and suggesting all the back to school supplies for you in this unconventional school year.

Drum roll please. Here’s the moment we’ve been waiting for…what’s cool for school!

Remove mask before eating.


Crunch on these face masks for adults.  Each pack comes with 3 face coverings: Poutine Face Mask, Ketchup Chips Face Mask and a Navy Blue Face Mask.

Canadian Snack Face Mask Pack

We all need a fresh set of pencil crayons but how about smelly ones?

Sketch and Sniff Scented Pencils

Sketch and Sniff Scented Pencils

Your IPhone needs protection too!

Doodle Case for iPad Mini

Doodle Case for iPad Mini

Not only will this magical, legendary creature store all your pencils, pens and erasers but will keep them warm and cozy. The liquid is filled with smiling unicorns, shooting stars, rainbows and silver stars.

Unicorn Liquid Pencil Case

Buy Unicorn Liquid Pencilcase at Danna Bananas

Psst Psst! Why not pass an appeeling Bananotes.



“S’he'” Shoots, “S’he’ curls!
.Canadian Sports Pack Face Masks

Canadian Sports Face Mask Pack - Main and Local

You made a mistake…no problem!

Unicorn Giant Eraser

Unicorn Giant Eraser


Need a Wrapping Assistant?

Unicorn Tape Dispenser

Unicorn Tape Dispenser



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