6 types of holiday shoppers

6 types of holiday shoppers

It’s still summer, you say? Not on Pinterest. Pinners are already thinking ahead to the holidays. In fact, US searches for holiday increased 77% in April compared to last year.1 And if you reach Pinners early, your campaigns will win out. 66% of weekly US Pinners say the “inspiration phase” of shopping influences what they buy.2

Not every holiday shopper is the same, so we used our global data to find the nuances. Here are the six types of holiday shoppers on Pinterest: Who they are, what they’re into and how you can reach them.

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The early bird

Most people on Pinterest are planners, but the early bird takes things to a whole other level. Before they’ve even stowed away this year’s holiday decor, the early bird is already plotting next year’s festivities. Always on the lookout for bargains, they’ll snap up gifts and other holiday items all throughout the year. They’re also already looking into holiday travel—and will pull the trigger on buying tickets as soon as they feel it’s safe to move around.
Fun fact
April searches on Pinterest for “Christmas gift ideas” in the US were up 3x year over year.3

The traditionalist

A stickler when it comes to holiday customs, the traditionalist pretty much follows the same rituals year after year. Still, they do love finding fresh takes on old favorites—a new way to fix a roast, a toy that reminds them of their childhood. When it comes to their celebrations, they crave comfort and familiarity. There’s no way in holly the traditionalist is going to skip their traditions this year. If anything, they’ll be looking to the holiday spirit to help them regain a sense of normalcy.

Fun Fact
60% of monthly Pinners in Germany like decorating a Christmas tree6

The self-gifter

Mindful that the holidays can bring stress as well as joy, the self-gifter looks out for number one. For self-gifters, the holidays mean “me” time just as much as they do family time. Self-care days are a holiday staple. And why wait for Santa to bring you what’s on your list when you can buy it yourself? The self-gifter finds a way to make the holiday magic happen, on their own.

Fun fact
30% greater likelihood among weekly US Pinners to give themselves a special gift than non-Pinners9

The rookie host

With holiday travel likely to be up in the air, many will find themselves thrust into a new role: The rookie host. These newbies will need help—lots of it. They’ll be looking for festive cocktails and easy-to-fix appetizers along with winning suggestions for holiday mainstays. They’ll also need to gear up, getting everything from wine glasses to decorative lights. In short, they’ll be on the hunt for anything that can help them move from rookie status to pro status—as quickly as possible.

Fun fact
20% increase in searches in the US for “hosting thanksgiving first time” compared to June 201912

The shipping-first shopper

Wary of stepping into brick-and-mortar stores, the shipping-first shopper stocks up on all their holiday necessities online. Things on their nice list this year: Free delivery, curbside pickup, generous return policies and helpful customer service. In some places, this  shopper may be worried about COVID-19. In others, it may be just about steering clear of holiday crowds. Whatever the case, the shipping-first shopper is looking to minimize holiday hassle, so they can maximize time with friends and family.

Fun fact
73% more likelihood among Pinners in France to say they’ll be shopping online more frequently post-pandemic than non-Pinners15

Next-level party planner

With this holiday archetype, nothing is overlooked. Raising the bar every year, the next-level party planner won’t sip their first coupe of champagne until the home is sparkling inside and out. Party outfits for everyone in the household—no matter the age—are an absolute must. For this host with the most, every holiday meal they cook up could grace a food magazine cover. Thanks to their total domination of the holiday scene, the next-level party planner can cause the rest of us next-level envy.

Fun fact
3x higher likelihood among weekly US Pinners to create and celebrate a made-up holiday with their friends or family than non-Pinners18

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