Makedo Find & Make Car

Makedo Find & Make Car SALE
Makedo Find & Make Car SALE

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Recycle and Reuse Craft Kit

The makedo find & make range comprises project-based kits theme around classic boys and girls creations, which can be made by finding cardboard boxes, plastic containers, and other packaging materials found at home. Recycle computer and appliance boxes into anything you want.

Play Hardware for Ultimate Creativity

Find stuff around the house and make toys, costumes, art, furniture all from kid-safe widgets. These kits will set imagination free. Make one-of-a-kind toys from household objects. Makedo is made up of three simple parts: a connector; a hinge; and a construction tool. The hinge pivots freely or locks into a fixed position. It can join or create a corner between two materials or be used to form a swiveling moving part. The construction tool can punch holes and cut through various types of card without risk of injury. The connector comprises a pin and a clip which clamp material together. Squeeze the clip to release the parts for reuse. It is through these widgets that Makedo opens up the possibility of creation by allowing manipulation and connection of material, over and over. Then reuse the clips and hinges to make something new.

Each Kit Includes:

-26 pins

-26 clips

-4 hinges

-1 construction tool

-3 inspired sticker sheets 

-An inspiration poster 

-For ages 5 and up