Gummygoods Gummy Bear Nightlight - Red

Gummygoods Gummy Bear Nightlight - Red SALE
Gummygoods Gummy Bear Nightlight - Red SALE

Danna Bananas

$39.95 $45.00

For a sweet addition to any long night, you need the Gummygoods Gummy Bear Nightlight. The delicious Gummy Bear Nightlight is a giant gummy bear styled to illuminate a room with a soft colourful candy glow. 

Just give this practical yet totally gorgeous bear's gummy tummy a squeeze to turn him on…or off. He lights up the room with his long lasting LED light. Great for bed time with an optional 60 minute timer,

It is portable, squeezable and will light up your life! Unfortunately it cannot be eaten.

Available in red.


  • Soft, huggable rubber body-soft and durable
  • Tummy-squeeze switch - it's easy for everyone to use
  • 60 minute sleep timer - it goes to sleep too
  • Cordless and portable - no strings attached
  • Wall-mountable - keep it up with a nail or screw
  • Embedded LED light - it glows with a warm light
  • Battery powered (2× “AA” batteries not included)
  • Long lasting LED bulbs
  • 17.5 cm tall

  At 7” tall, he is a great size for on the go and big enough to provide just the right amount of glow for the hours between dusk and dawn.