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Action Plates

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It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Superman...No...It's Action Plates!

Classic mix & match rubbing plate drawing set is so cool.

Get ready to design your own amazing heroes with Action Plates! Create and colour endless combinations of comic-style characters with this super new take on the classic rubbing plate drawing set. With Action Plates, you’re the artist. Choose and combine the different plates into the tablet and with a few passes of the rubbing crayon, your design transfers to paper. Each of the 18 double-sided rubbing plates features unique action-packed poses, super gear gadgets and even comic bursts and patterns to mix & match again and again. With all the different plate designs—from jet packs to rocket boots, from super capes to robotic arms—you have the tools to draw a hero or villain to suit any adventure your imagination can dream up.

Set includes:

  • Eighteen Action plates
  • Twenty Sheets of comic paper
  • Eight Coloring crayons
  • One Crayon holder
  • One Drawing tablet
  • One Storage tray
  • One Idea guide

*Suggested ages 6+

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