Ice Sabers Star Wars Cookbook

Ice Sabers Star Wars Cookbook PIcture

Danna Bananas


Let The Freezer Be With You when you concoct chilled treats from a
Galaxy far, far way with this Star Wars themed cooking kit! We give the
Bananakin two thumbs up!
Chewie Chocolate, R2-D2ti Fruity Sundaes, Ice Cream Clones and many
more will tempt your tummy as well!

  • Includes 4 Ice Saber shaped popsicle molds
  • 30 frozen ideas with tips for cooking with kids of all ages
  • Full color cookbook features food-inspired by Star Wars
  • Lightsabers measure 8.5 inches long
  • Star Wars Popsicle Recipes
  • Book consists of 64 pages