Stinking Pig Game

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Stinking Pig Game

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Like the old fashioned/nostalgic/retro game, "Hot Potato", you must quickly pass Stinky Pig around before a fart is passed. Begin by pressing/poking Stinky Pig's squishy belly and while he sings, roll the dice to see which way to pass him. Remember, move fast before he farts! If you are the lucky one and Stinky Pig happens to toot in your possession, you are required to take a token. The game ends when the tokens are gone and the player with the least wins the game! Despite it's obnoxious, rude sounds, Stinky Pig is an entertaining game for the whole family to play as it's a real gas that emits so much humorous fun! Pst. Pst. when the kids go to bed, it can be a drinking game too!

Contains one Stinky Pig, 20 tokes, one dice and rules
Includes two AA replaceable batteries
Ages 6 +
2 or more players
Not for children under 3 as there are small parts
Outrageously funny for the whole family