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3 Things Naughty or Nice

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3 Things Naughty or Nice is the deadly serious survival training program that brings out the best - and worst - in you.

This board game rewards the angels and devils among us while training you for outrageous circumstances such as: being tracked by rabid toddlers, moaning after every sentence and dangling from the edge of a cliff.

Read life and death training scenarios, then quickly choose between 110 bizarre--and bizarrely helpful--objects to improvise the perfect barbaric or benevolent survival strategy.


  • 55 Double-sided thing chips
  • 80 Survival scenario cards(including two black cards)
  • 150 Scoring rations
  • 20 Naughty or nice bonus ratios
  • Zippered canvas tote
  • Whistle
  • Game
  • Board Game

*Ages: 16+;  4 or more Players;  Gameplay: 15 minutes.


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