3 Things Game

3 Things Game
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3 Things Game

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What Will You Take To Survive3 Things, What Will It Take To Survive will prepare your mind, body and soul for any life circumstance. Such as: Getting abducted by clowns or being buried alive are just a few scenarios in this game. You have 30 seconds and 80+ bizarre objects to choose from. The strategy of the game is to figure out and improvise a way to get through these crazy events. There are only so many rations that you can win and you never know what your fellow competitors will have up their sleeves. 3 Things is a witty game of ridiculous persuasion and is ideal for your most creative, wittiest group of friends. See how far they'll go to survive! Make an amazing party game!

55 double-sided thing chips
80 survival scenario cards
150 scoring rations
110 survival items
One whistle

Card Game
Recommended Age 16+
4 to 8 players
Strategy game
Party game
Survival party game
Table top game
Offline game
Travel Game