Mini OgoDisk

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Mini OgoDisk SALE

Danna Bananas

$13.95 $24.95

Invest in your child's  health & mind with one of the world's best outdoor toys...he awarding-winning Mini OgoDisk!

The versatility of this toy will put the fun in any
play. Toss, bounce, use a racket or invent your own creative play. It also launches objects over 100 feet in the air!

  • Winner of Parents Choice Award 
  • Winner of TDmonthly's Innovations Award

Each set includes:

  • One bright-blue/orange
  • One Ogo orange disk with one Ogo soft ball
  • EVA foam ring
  • Nylon-spandex membrane center
  • Spare Balls available
  • Product rated for age 3+