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Here, for a trip down memory lane? The 80s are back! 

The 80s called - and they want you to play this board game! Throwing it back to the era of big hair, legwarmers and shoulder pads.

Crimped hair and lots of hairspray, stat! Padded shoulders and leg warmers are a must to play this board game! Do you need a retro injection? Then rewind the decades and play the Awesome 80s Board Game.

Not massively enthused by our current decade? We hear ya! Time to dust off your cassettes, comb out that mullet, pull on your Roadrunner Jeans and get ready to take a whirlwind trip back to the 80s! This board game is packed full of juicy trivia covering all topics from music, movies, TV, sports, and pop-culture moments. 

Rewind to the 80s: 80s music, movies, TV, sports, pop cultural affairs, TV cars, video games, computers, TV, and other 80s nostalgia!

Blast back to the 80s!

  • One playing board
  • Includes 500 trivia questions(with 5 different categories)
  • Six playing pieces and one dice
  • Game instructions 
  • Covering movies, TV, sport, music and pop-cultural moments
  • Roller skates, cordless phones, boomboxes, banana bikes, Rubik's cubes, VHS tapes, and other 80s icons are featured!
  • 2-6 players
  • Ages 12 +
  • Ideal for 2-6 players

 Includes questions such as:

  • Which famous wall was taken down in 1989?
  • Which nuclear reactor exploded in 1986?
  • In which year was the cartoon ThunderCats first air?
  • In the original cartoon series, Transformers, what was the name of the Autobots arch-enemy?

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