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Bike Balls
Bike Balls

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Invented by a cyclist in Toronto, the Bike Balls are bicycle tail lights that will illuminate a bike while mounted to the bottom of a seat. They are shaped like a pair of testicles and swing like a pair of testicles to and fro as you ride along. By gently squeezing the bike balls, bikers can turn the light on and switch it between steady and flashing modes. The device can be hung from the bike's saddles and secured using a zip tie. Built for rough riding, with water- and splash-resistant construction. You'll be nuts about bike balls!

  • Includes batteries (2xCR2032)
  • High-grade silicone body with integrated strap and on/off switch
  • Single red LED with three light modes - solid / slow flashing / fast flashing
  • 360-degree glow
  • Consist of a waterproof silicone sack which contains a red LED module
  • Built for rough riding - water / splash resistant construction
  • RoHS / CE Approved